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Earn 30% with our Affiliate Program

Join our Affiliate Program to earn 30% of the first year fees paid by users you have referred to our site.

Just place a referral link on your website, blog or forum or give a link to the boss in your company and we will pay you 30% commission of the first year fees when a user clicks on your link and buys a paid subscription to ScreenshotMonitor services on our website. We track referrals for 1 year, so you will still earn your full year of commission if a referred user comes back to buy 12 months after the first visit.

If you have no way of referring your users via the link, just notify us in advance about their name (company name) and we will pay you the same commission.

Do the math

If you refer a company with 100 employees subscribed to our Professional plan ($9/month),
you will earn $3240 (100 * $9 * 12 * 30%)!

How it works

  1. Register on Affiliate Sign Up page. It takes just 10 seconds.
  2. Copy your referral link (like http://screenshotmonitor.com/?ref=240) that you can place on your website, blog or forum.
  3. Bookmark your secret URL (generated on Sign Up), where you will track your money and visitors. See demo: http://affiliate.pranas.net/matrix.
  4. Use the secret URL to request commisions from us.


  1. Either party can terminate the affiliate agreement at any time without a reason.
  2. You cannot be an affiliate for yourself, i.e., if you buy the software yourself, you cannot use the affiliate program to get a discount.
  3. You cannot place discounts or referral links on "coupon/promo/discount sites", i.e. sites whose primary purpose is to provide discount codes.
  4. You cannot use the word ScreenshotMonitor in contextual advertising, either in the list of keywords or in the ad text itself. In case of violation of this rule, your account will be blocked and your commission will be frozen.
  5. Commission on a sale will be deducted from your affiliate account, if the sale is refunded or subject to a credit card chargeback.
  6. Commissions are paid through PayPal only with a $100 minimum payment.
  7. Sales are tracked by cookies and an affiliate cookie will stay on a web user's computer for 1 year or until the user removes the cookie, after which a sale to the user wouldn’t be tracked.
  8. You will NOT participate in email or forum SPAM, or any other inappropriate ways of attracting referrals.