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About Us

Our company

Pranas.NET Corp was founded in 2003 in Manhattan by two ambitious developers who needed better tools to work with databases.

We started with SQLBackupAndFTP – a small database backup software utility. With over one million installations to date, it is the most popular database backup tool ever created.

In 2010 we released SqlBak – a service to backup databases remotely from the web. The service allows managing backups of hundreds of servers from a single web page.

In 2012 we created ScreenshotMonitor (now scrin.io) – a time, screenshot and productivity tracking software that remote and office teams use to accurately track their work. Of comparable services, it is the only one where employees have full control of their submitted data. Users have also said that it has the most intuitive and easy-to-use interface.

In 2018 our interactive floor plan software ExpoFP.com started offering interactive floor plans for trade shows, expos and other events. The event industry has never seen such attractive, fast, user-friendly plans being offered at a fraction of the cost of similar products.

Our mission

We carefully choose what’s important in our services, and even more carefully what’s not. We never try to cram every possible feature into our services. Instead, we focus on fine tuning the few selected features until they run perfectly with the clearest user interface.

We value our own satisfaction with the software we make. Our developers have to be pleased with the code they create before anything sees the light of day.

We do not seek immediate return but prefer to grow, focusing on building the best product in the long term. Our support always prioritizes good relationships with customers over profit. Since we have been in business for almost twenty years and are bigger than ever, this strategy seems to be working well for us.

We prioritise R&D to sales and marketing. The idea is that if we create something great, customers will not need much encouragement. This may result in slower growth, but at the end we have loyal and satisfied customers.

We value the quality of life for our staff. Barring emergencies, we do not work on weekends or holidays. And except for sparse meetings, our staff is free to work as much as they want, any time they want.

We are happy with ourselves, we are happy with what we do and we strive for our customers to be happy with us!

Our people

Our headquarters moved from New York to New Jersey a few years back. But our team is global with people in the US, Russia, Brazil, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. We embraced remote work long before COVID made it unavoidable for everyone else. Hiring globally allowed us to build an all-star team of the brightest people from around the world. Below are the photos of the core team only, but we also use work of many other talented developers, designers, writers, proofreaders and translators.

Alisa Arutyunova
Customer Support
Ivan Gusev
Software Developer
Lucy Viana
Customer Support
Pavel Grishko
Front-end Developer
Software Developer
Alexandr Sirotenko
Toma Denisova
Project Manager
Kristina Belenova
Product Manager
Vladimir Nikitin
Software Developer
Andrey Sandalov
Software Developer
Evgeny Tyukin
Software Developer
Aslan Kystaubayev
Software Developer
Rodion Nikolaev
QA, Software Developer
Eugene Asseyev
Team Lead
Alexey Popov
Team Lead
Marina Sudentene
Administrative Assistant
Alexander Omelchenko
Customer Support
Ross Sudentas

Our headquarters

Pranas.NET Corp. 18-23 Greenwood Dr, Fair Lawn, NJ 07410 USA