Why Screenshot Monitor will always allow employees to delete their screenshots?

Screenshot Monitor allows employees to delete their screenshots and there is no option to limit that. The primary reason for this is privacy – it is important that employees have full control to delete whatever information they submit – no matter if they are in Europe or India.img003Yes, monitoring may feel intrusive and most employees would prefer to have none. But even when working on company’s computers, there should be some level of privacy guaranteed to employees. (We have talked about ethical employee monitoring in details before).

Companies can actually benefit from this. As long as employees know that they are in control of their screenshots, they will see the monitoring as fair and it will be easier for them to accept it in their work.

There may be some private information on screenshots that employees may not want to share. An employee may just have forgotten to stop the tracking while doing something personal. They can click “Delete” icon on a screenshot and it will be gone forever along with the corresponding period of time. Managers can do the same. The fact that something was deleted will be logged in “Change History” (you can find link at the bottom of every Timeline page).

We are fully aware that by allowing employees to delete the submitted data we may alienate some of the clients, but the remaining customers will be certain that they treat their employees with respect.

27 thoughts on “Why Screenshot Monitor will always allow employees to delete their screenshots?

  1. That’s the feature which stopped me from buying your app… I feel no sorry for employees who do FB during a work… You should add option blur image, that way employer knows that it was just a private information and not another social web site! So until then I will try other service…

  2. Andrew, I understand where you are coming from. I hope that despite the difference of opinions on this subject you will come back to our application – it may be difficult to use the clumsy interfaces of our competitors after you have tried ours 🙂

  3. como empleado mientras el screenshot esta en pause, los jefes o supervisores aun pueden ver lo que el empleado realiza? con capturas de pantalla? o solo pueden ver lo que se realiza cuando el screenshot esta encendido?

    1. I’ve translated your question as “as an employee while the screenshot is paused, bosses or supervisors can even see what the employee performs? with screenshots? or you can only see what is done when the screenshot is on?”
      Nothing is tracked when SSM is paused, so there’s nothing to show.

  4. Hi,

    sir if user can delete its shit during its paid duty time so what is per pose of this application Mean Users waste company time and money and company waste money on this kidding software hahahha, we was going to buy this Thanks GOD we we see this lake …

    1. You have “Change history” link on the bottom of timeline. There you can see all of the changes made by an employee. So while you don’t see actual deleted screenshots, you can see that they were deleted.

  5. This might sound like an odd question but: Are the screenshots regular screenshots of the whole screen? If the random screenshot is taken while the employee is, for example, checking their e-mails or selecting music, will it be visible? And also, will the employee be notified when screenshots are taken?

    Thank you in advance for replying!

  6. If there are 2 monitors enabled for one laptop/PC will the screenshots from both monitors are taken or only from the main one?

  7. hi..i accidentaly deleted my account, can the admin retrieve it? does all my activity will be restored?

  8. So let’s say I go to your house, I pick up your phone and start browsing kiddie porn on it. You go to jail because it’s on your phone regardless of whether you did it or not. It would be morally wrong if you had a camera on me catching me in the act? I should have the right to delete the evidence at the click of a button? Why would someone getting paid at work have this type of nonsense ability?

  9. I left my Screenshot monitor on by mistake this morning. Can my boss still see the screenshots i deleted after my shift? I went ahead and deleted all of them past that time. Does teh admin have a way to go back and see them?

  10. Hi. I changed my job on Aug 2nd. Now I need the monthly report and I can’t see the activity or any information. Can you help me?

  11. Hello. I was not able to work during Sundays, but i was just surprise when i
    (maybe ) accidentally click START . and track a 2hours of the time. how can i delete that or any option for that. ?? pls help.. Dont want the client to be mad or have doubt in me.

    1. If you mouse-over a screenshot on the web, you will see a delete icon. Or if you mouse over the activity and click icon edit – you will be able to delete the whole activity

  12. Can I delete more than 3 times per month. I have already deleted 3 frames this month but I have accidentally run my time and I need to delete one more frame.

    1. Hi,

      We do not have any limits for deleting screenshots. However, please keep in mind that they are deleted together with the tracked time attached to them, so it won’t go to your working hours total

    1. Hi, you can delete a screenshot right on your Timeline. Please hover the mouse over the screenshot. You will see a trash bin button in the upper right corner

  13. Hi, I can’t delete screenshots more than 3 times? Can you help me, please.

    The delete option is gone, no delete icon as well?

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