Both and share the following features

  1. Collect screenshots, time worked, activity level, apps used & websites visited (and duration on each)
  2. Managers can see all the collected data via browser on the web
  3. No webcam pictures
  4. No key-logging
  5. Screenshots are taken from all monitors
  6. The programs are not hidden and can be uninstalled like any other software
  7. Users should be notified about tracking

The table below summarizes the differences between the two services
Has Start & Stop tracking buttons. No tracking unless started by user. Tracking is always running
Users can add notes and select a project they work on. Managers can then see times spent on each project in reports Users make no notes and do not select projects
Notifications are shown when screenshots are taken No notifications when screenshots are taken
Users have full access to tracked data Users have no access to tracked data
Users can delete their screenshots Users can not delete their screenshots
Can be used to track time for multiple companies and for themselves Will track time for one company only
Can be installed on any computer Can only be installed on company-owned computers only
Meant for remote employees & freelances where company allows full control on tracking Meant for office and remote employees with always-on tracking


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