Screenshot Monitor is now on Slack!

Now you can track employees’ time and screenshots right in Slack! You are able to see how much time your team spends on each task and what exactly they do throughout the day. 

  • No need to open the Screenshot Monitor site every time you want to check what’s up  — any time a new screenshot is uploaded into your employee’s timeline, you see it in Slack
  • Fast access to Screenshot Monitor even if you are out of the office — because you always have your phone with the Slack app on you
  • Quick check of all screenshots — saves a ton of time and boosts your productivity

How to add it
In the Slack App Directory, find and install the Screenshot Monitor app. After installation, go to the app’s home page and set the Screenshot Monitor token. Then, create a private channel and add the Screenshot Monitor app there. Congrats! Now you can see the screenshots in Slack.

You can find detailed instructions here

4 thoughts on “Screenshot Monitor is now on Slack!

  1. This is frightening and will have a chilling effect on employees using Slacks services and features. They can easily go back to email and text for sharing information, or overusing it for fear of not being viewed as productive enough. A data dump of screenshots to prove productivity will not equate to quality of said production.

    1. Well said ,Mary. This is far from good, but rather 1984-esque and could easily be used for malicious intent.

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