Adding manual/offline time and editing notes

Have you happened to forget to start Screenshot Monitor? Or did some billable work offline?

No problem. You can now add manual time to your timeline. Just click “Add offline time” at the bottom of your timeline:

and enter the details of your work:

Offline time

Furthermore, you can now edit notes or delete your activity directly on timeline. Note that your manager could do the same changes on your timeline. All of the changes are written to “History of changes” and are available through the link on the bottom of your timeline.

4 thoughts on “Adding manual/offline time and editing notes

    1. Thank you for letting us know – added screenshot and explanation (click plus sign on timeline)

        1. The timeline is the main page to see all of the tracked data for a person for a day. If you are logged in – see “Timeline” in the menu next to “My home” or click on any of the screenshots from “My Home”.

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