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Plans & Pricing

For how many users do I have to pay?

You will be charged for all team members on your Team page except archived. Account owners are free unless they track their own time. For example you have 6 people on your Team: 5 employees (1 of them archived) and yourself – you will be charged for 4 people assuming you do not track your own time.

The fees are prorated – if you add an employee for a week, then remove or archive them – you’ll pay for that week only, not month. You are free to add or delete employees, archive or restore them any time as you see fit.

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How to

How to add employee?

Assuming you’ve started the free trial – go to your Team page, type the email into “Add new employee by email” box and press Invite button.
The new employee would receive an email asking them to sign in into with the email you’ve typed. Once they do – they become a part of your team and are able to track time for your company.
What if an employee has not received an email? There’s no need to “invite again” or resend the email – that email is optional. What important is the email address. Just ask the employee to sign up with that email and you will see them on your team. Continue reading How to

Getting Started

Explain ScreenshotMonitor in a few words please

ScreenshotMonitor is a time tracking / screenshot monitoring tool used by freelancers, remote and in-office employees to get a clear picture of time and money spent on each project, client and task. Employees start monitoring using a lightweight desktop application. The tracked time, screenshots, activity level, active applications & URLs, selected projects and task notes – are all uploaded online for both manager and employee to see. See How it works for more details. Continue reading Getting Started