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Upwork vs Freelancer – contractor’s perspective

upwork and freelancer logoUpwork and Freelancer are two of the most popular online work platforms. Founded in 2003, the U.S. based oDesk is the older version of Upwork. was incorporated in Australia back in 2009. In this article I will compare Upwork and Freelancer primarily from a contractor’s perspective. Continue reading Upwork vs Freelancer – contractor’s perspective

How to Hire Remote Employees


Price, flexibility, availability – there are many reasons and many jobs where it is more productive to have your employees work remotely. Virtual teams offer greater flexibility than their local counterparts because your online projects can be managed from anywhere. But to make a remote team effective, you must manage it wisely. And the process begins with hiring the right people. Here are some tips on how to hire remote employees for your online work space.

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10 jobs in highest risk of outsourcing

Call CenterThe word outsourcing has transformed from something that was never heard of to a common business practice that allows companies to save tons of money by shipping the jobs overseas. In a global economy if someone can do the same job for a smaller amount of money – why not let the free market decide who get the job? – that is the argument we hear from the business side. And disregarding if you agree with it or not, the reality is that outsourcing is here to stay and it may be your current or future job that is going to be outsourced.  Is your job at risk, should you fear or embrace outsourcing? Let’s look at the  jobs in the highest risk of being outsourced.

Below are the 10 jobs in highest risks of outsourcing

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