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Employee monitoring software – how to use it properly

MonitoringEmployee monitoring software has become commonplace. Many apps take monitor screenshots, capture keystrokes and mouse movements, monitor active applications and visited sites and, in extreme cases, can even take pictures using webcam (see How to detect Employee Monitoring). It seems to be fair to track what your employees do when they are being paid for their time. After all, if they exchange their time for money, it seems fair for the employer to know what they are paying for. So, why does it still feel morally inappropriate in some cases? The question is far from being just theoretical. If a wrong decision is made, a company may suffer from lawsuits, experience a backlash and overall productivity drop (opposite from what was intended) from their employees or suffer damage to the company’s image. Let’s review in more detail what employee monitoring practices can be considered valid and what should be avoided.

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How to use ScreenshotMonitor in an office?


ScreenshotMonitor is great for installing in an office to see where employee’s time goes. Note that you can NOT do it in secret – the employees will know that the program is running and tracking time and screenshots – and that is a good thing.

Screenshot Monitor settings in an office can be a bit different than the configuration used by a freelancer. In an office a manager may choose not to show notifications – this is set by manager on this page. And then we would recommend setting the desktop application like below:

SSM has Autostart and Autostop options – it stops automatically if they are away (for example left for lunch or at the end of the day) and will resume once they resume the work.

Read more about settings set by a manager on the web and desktop application settings set by a user in the program.