How random the screenshot are being taken? Can freelancer cheat?

how often
Time between screenshots

Screenshot Monitor in Professional version can take screenshots up to 30 times per hour or every 2 minutes on average. Does it mean a freelancer has 2 minutes to do nothing between screenshot? Not  with our program!

Let’s say you’ve set to take screenshots 12 times per hour (or every 5 minutes on average).  Then in 90% of the cases a screenshot will be taken in 2 to 9 min after the previous screenshot. In 10%  – and here’s the catch that won’t allow freelancers to cheat – a screenshot is taken in 1 min after the previous.

Have any other suggestions how to cheat time tracking? Share in comments – we will have no loopholes left!

7 thoughts on “How random the screenshot are being taken? Can freelancer cheat?

  1. The time tracker is good but the contractors still have other ways of checking. Like output, completed jobs.. A contractor will know if you are cheating, even if your screenshot looks good.

    I’m all for tracking time, but we still cannot disregard work output. Like in my case, there are times when I’m working like drafting emails for the client, researching about their transactions.. things like that.. that I’m no longer tracking.

    1. Maribeth,
      ScreenshotMonitor is not the only measure of productivity. It is rather an auxiliary tool to help in cases where other ways of measuring output are difficult or a way to alert about a potential performance problem. And besides screenshots it is always good to know how much time is spend on a particular Job, Project, Client.

  2. Hi, I came from another app and yours seems to fit very good our requirement, do the employees get a notification when a screenshot will be taken?
    If yes, can you count and report how often do they use this screenshot skip button?
    If they skip a screenshot, will it discount the tracked time since the last screenshot?

    If no, when is the auto-pause triggered?


    1. Hi Marco,
      The manager in Settings > “Notify when screenshot is taken” can select Notify or “Do not notify” option. There’s no “Skip” button on the notification, however the employees can delete the screenshot later from the web. Once deleted, you will not see the screenshots (and the time gets subtracted), but this action will be logged and available from “History of changes” link at the bottom of user’s Timeline page.
      The autopause will start after 5 minutes of inactivity. You can modify it in settings.

  3. Hi Ross Sudentas

    Would you be able to view and access your timeline history in the software or do you really need to go to your account on the browser?

    Hope to get an answer from you guys. Thanks!

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