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Upwork Alternatives – Just Try!

Probably you already know, freelancing marketplace Upwork has announced a price hike effective from June 2016. It will drastically double the platform service fee for many freelancers and add a new fare on payments made by clients. This announcement had a remarkable impact on the Upwork community. Users are not happy with the decision and many of them are seeking for an alternative. Continue reading

ScreenshotMonitor desktop notifications

When users are tracking their time on the desktop, they see small notifications next to the system tray.  There are examples of these notifications:

When a screenshot is taken, users see this:

This notification can be disabled if a manager sets “Notify when screenshot is taken” to Off in Manager’s settings  or employee disables this setting in the program.

When monitoring starts, users see this:


When monitoring stops, users see this:

When monitoring is paused after 5 minutes of inactivity (you can change this in Manager’s settings), users see this:

When a user resumes the work (after the program was  paused because of inactivity), the program automatically resumes and gives the choice: discard the idle time (default) or add this time as offline:

You should note that in these cases the time is discarded automatically and this option is not  given when a user was idle for more than 8 hours or less than 1 minute. This option is also inaccessible, if a manager prohibit this employee to add offline time.