New desktop app features

We have a new version of the employee desktop application that we hope you will like.

1. Previous tasks

In the list of the tasks we now show not only today’s tasks, but the tasks from the previous days (see below in grey). This gives users the option to select this task again with a single click. Users can also see the summary of hours for the previous day without going to the web.screen2

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How to track time for yourself

So you track time for the company you work for that demands that you to do so – that is understandable. But why would you volunteer to track your time for yourself when you are not being asked about it? To name a few reasons:

  1. You time is valuable. See for yourself how much of it is spent on each tasks and increase your productivity on spending time on what is important
  2. Review your own screenshots to recall what you’ve been doing
  3. Even if you didn’t add a note of what you were doing, App & URL tracking will show you exactly what programs were running and what websites you’ve been to
  4. And if you did a good job – why not share it with your clients ?
  5. Unless you share – only you will see the result and you can do it completely free on the Free plan

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Host Screenshot Monitor in-house on your company servers

To comply with numerous regulations and certifications for many of our clients it becomes the simplest option to run Screenshot Monitor on their own servers. We can install it all for you, brand it to your company name, take care of all of the update and support issues. You would have a complete control over the data collected by the application – all of it will stay within your organization and you will be able to use it on the unlimited number of users.

How much does it cost?

Currently there is a $2,500 fee for the setup (this includes your company branding) and $250/month maintenance fee that covers all of the support issues for up to 100 users. (Prices are subject to change.)

There are no other charges. You get an unlimited number of users.

What is required to set this up?

We need a remote access to your Windows server (preferably dedicated) with moderate hardware specs to set it up, SSL certificate for the domain where you would like it all to run and an email account to send emails from.

Alternatively for a small fee we can setup a storage on your servers for screenshots only. Then you will be in full control over access to the screenshots. Contact Us for more info.


White Label version of Screenshot Monitor

Recently we’ve introduced – the site that users can use instead of This site is just an example of a simple white label option. For a small setup fee (currently $950) this site can bear your company name and be accessible through your domain name.


In more details, the setup gives you :

  1. Your company name & logos everywhere instead of ours
  2. Your custom CSS applied
  3. 3rd level domain like

Second level domains are $20/month and require your SSL certificate.

Do you need not just a copy, but a more advanced integration with your website or service? Check out White label time tracking service for Freelancer websites.

You may also be interested in How to host the employee monitoring service on your own servers.


Use instead of ScreenshotMonitor

While “Screenshot Monitoring” describes what we do precisely, our clients tell us that some of employees are uneasy with those words. (And this is despite the fact that we are the only service that would rather loose customers than sacrifice their employees privacy.)

Don’t like “Screenshot Monitor”? Tell your employees to use instead. There’s no difference between the two services other than the name. Everywhere you saw “Screenshot Monitor” you will see “Hrundl” including the desktop app. The same logins and same data is accessible through both sites. NO DIFFERENCE.


Is this a re-branding? Not really. Actually this is part of our white label project. For a small setup fee the service can bear your company name and your custom website name. (Read more about white label options)

Upwork Alternatives – Just Try!

Probably you already know, freelancing marketplace Upwork has announced a price hike effective from June this year. It will drastically double the platform service fee for many freelancers and add a new fare on payments made by clients. This announcement had a remarkable impact on the Upwork community. Users are not happy with the decision and many of them are seeking for an alternative. Continue reading

ScreenshotMonitor desktop notifications

When users are tracking their time on the desktop, they see small notifications next to the system tray.  There are examples of these notifications:

When a screenshot is taken, users see this:

This notification can be disabled if a manager sets “Notify when screenshot is taken” to Off in Manager’s settings  or employee disables this setting in the program.

When monitoring starts, users see this:


When monitoring stops, users see this:

When monitoring is paused after 5 minutes of inactivity (you can change this in Manager’s settings), users see this:

When a user resumes the work (after the program was  paused because of inactivity), the program automatically resumes and gives the choice: discard the idle time (default) or add this time as offline:

You should note that in these cases the time is discarded automatically and this option is not  given when a user was idle for more than 8 hours or less than 1 minute. This option is also inaccessible, if a manager prohibit this employee to add offline time.

Management Role

Screenshot Monitor  allows for 3 roles: an Administrator, who is the owner of the account, an Employee (worker), who tracks his time (and has access to his own data only), and a  Manager – this is a type of employee who can have access to other employees’ data.

Assigning a manager is very simple: on your Team page select an employee who you want to become a manager (in the example below it is Brian) and toggle buttons next to employees you want him to manage (in the example below James and Till).


Note the icon with number 2 next to Brian’s name – this indicates that Brian manages 2 employees.

Your newly created manager will now be able to see the selected employee’s Timeline and run Reports.  A manager will never see money values for a person he manages. Rates & money are visible to admin and employee himself, but not a manager. Manager will still have no access to Settings or Projects pages – only admin can change these.

Note that you can also share the screenshots and reports with clients without a need for them to login.